Businesses can find a peaceful environment that lends itself to concentrated focus without the
distractions of the office. Our beautiful waterfront grounds offer many options to make your
offsite business event more conducive to productivity and better attended. From a walking
meeting on our nature trails to a dockside intermission at the lake, you can take your meeting
beyond the expected norm.

Aside from this tranquil setting we also offer audio-visual equipment to fit the needs
of most meetings.

Training Seminars
Team Building and
Leadership Development
Client Appreciation
Company Picnics
Recognition Events
Holiday Events
Events are as different – in size, shape and purpose – as the businesses and
organizations that hold them. One element, however, is the same: An event
that’s done with style, attention to detail and imagination always produces
better results. Wormwood Center’s beautiful facilities and experienced staff
will help you get the results you want from your business, marketing, or
networking event.
Facility Offers
Wireless Internet
Complete Audio-Visual
Podium and
Sound System
Round or
Oblong Tables
Seating up to
130 with tables
Audience seating
up to 150
Available seating options